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Investor FAQ's
NYSE AmericanGDP

Investor FAQ's

Q. What is the ticker symbol for Goodrich Petroleum and where does the common stock trade?

A.  Goodrich's ticker symbol is "GDP" and the common stock trades on the NYSE American market.

Q. When does Goodrich’s fiscal year end?

A.  Our fiscal year follows the calendar year: first quarter ends March 31, second quarter ends June 30, third quarter ends September 30, and fourth quarter ends December 31.

Q. When is Goodrich's annual meeting?

A.  Goodrich's annual meetings are usually held during the month of May of each year. For information regarding Goodrich's next annual meeting, please contact Investor Relations at 713-780-9494.

Q. How do I change my contact information on your fax and mailing lists in order to receive press releases and other corporate information?

A.  Please submit your email address via the "Email Alerts & Requests" page located in the Investor Relations section of the website.

Q. Whom can I contact if I have questions or need more information?

A.  Individuals who have questions or would like to receive additional information about Goodrich Petroleum may contact:

Investor Relations Dept
801 Louisiana Ste 700
Houston, TX 77002
Tel: 832-255-1300

Q. Who is Goodrich’s transfer agent? What does a transfer agent do?

A.  American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Shareholder Services Department
6201 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Toll Free: (800) 937-5449
Local & International: (718) 921-8124
Web site:

Transfer agents maintain stock registries for their client companies such as Goodrich. They issue and cancel stock certificates, process and pay dividends, administer dividend reinvestment programs, resolve issues arising from lost or stolen certificates, and answer questions from shareholders about their accounts.

Q. What is the difference between a registered shareholder and a Street name shareholder?

A.  You are a registered shareholder if you are in physical possession of a stock certificate. If your broker holds your shares in an account for you, your shares are considered held in Street name.

Q. How can I change my address or name on my stockholder account?

A.  If you are a shareholder of record (i.e. hold your stock directly in your own name), you should contact our transfer agent. If your stock is held in Street name, you should contact your brokerage firm.

Q. What do I do if I lose my stock certificates?

A.  If you are a shareholder of record (i.e. hold your stock directly in your name rather than through a stockbroker), you should contact our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust.

Q. Does Goodrich have a direct stock purchase plan?

A.  Currently, Goodrich does not have a direct stock purchase plan. Please contact your stock broker to purchase Goodrich shares.

Q. Does the company pay a dividend on its common stock?

A.  No, the company does not pay a dividend on its common stock but instead reinvests earnings back into the company.

Q. Who are the independent auditors for Goodrich?

A.  Moss Adams LLP
     500 Dallas Street, Suite 2500
     Houston, TX 77002

Q. Whom can I contact regarding royalty payments or other interest owner issues?

A.  Please direct your questions to our Royalty Relations Hotline at (832) 255-1259